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Benefits To A Conservatory In Your Garden

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Why use a conservatory?

Conservatory installations in patio areas are a very popular option for customers in Portsmouth. It suits customers that like to sit out in the light but do not want to be particularly cold or have the rain on top of them!

Many years ago the cost of getting a conservatory built was very significant whereas now, it has significantly dropped in price whilst still providing the exact same benefits.

Aside from the practical functions of a conservatory, they can change the appearance of a property just like a carport will do on your driveway.

You can tailor a patio around your conservatory which can enhance it and create a more focal point in your garden. We can build new pathways leading from the back door of the conservatory to other sections of your garden or create a drop down feature to a lowered patio area.

Maintenance on a conservatory

The maintenance on your conservatory will greatly depend on the design you have chosen. A brick built conservatory will just the windows wiped down occasionally whereas a complete uPVC conservatory including the glass roof, will require a professional to clean down the entire area.

Your conservatory roof will also require some light maintenance once a year which will involve cleaning out the gutters and ensuring the roof has no leaks in it. If you do notice you need some repair work on it, get a professional to handle it like TC Roofers – Roofing Repairs Dublin to take care of it for you at a very affordable cost.

Conservatory options we can provide include:

  • PVC conservatory
  • Brick built conservatory
  • Domed roofs
  • Open ended conservatory
  • Circular conservatory designs and more

With a skilled team like Formpave, we can assess your entire garden area and create a completely tailored option for you. From building the conservatory to enhancing the rest of the patio and garden area to go along with it.



You can learn more about our patio work here or you can call us directly to discuss the garden area. For a free estimate on a new conservatory or garden, call our team directly.


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